Built On The Rock International Ministries is a community church that is here to help you to develop your gifts and talents, as well as bring you into discipleship with Jesus Christ.

Whatever your age group or interest, we have something that you can participate in and enjoy. I you are interested in participating, please contact us here.

Men’s Ministry

The ‘Men of Purpose’ are an active and dynamic group of men whose purpose is to assist men in their spiritual growth. Their activities are diverse and range from seminars, music events to social activities. The Men of Purpose are teaching and training men how to become better sons, husbands, leaders and more importantly how to be more like Christ.

Women’s Ministry

The ‘Women of Destiny’ train women to lead a spirit-filled prosperous life. Women are taught how to become strong, independent, mature individuals who rely solely on God to bring them into their destiny in Christ. Their activities are vast and include social activities, life skills, ministering to those less fortunate than themselves and musical activities.

Music & Arts Ministry

The Music & Arts Ministry are a highly energetic group of individuals who are committed to using their musical gifts and talents to win souls to Christ and to produce an atmosphere of worship at every service. This is a ministry of praise through music, drama, and dance for the glorification of God and the edification of His people.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry visits and ministers to incarcerated individuals who are in need of Bible teaching and spiritual counselling. They are dedicated to bringing freedom into the hearts of those who are physically restricted.

The Intercessors Ministry

The Intercessors Ministry are members and friends of Built On The Rock International Ministries who commit time for prayer and intercession for others. The Ministry includes a network of Intercessors who pray and fast 365 day per year for the needs of the church, our community, and those who contact us with their prayer requests.

The Youth Ministry

The ‘Next Generation’ provides Bible teaching, personal development activities, dynamic fellowship, social events for young people up to the age of 21 years old. The youth are provided with an avenue to express their love for Christ through dance, rap, drama and their personal testimonies of how God can minister through even the youngest child.

The New Believers Ministry

The New Believers Ministry insures that all candidates for membership feel welcome, are that new members receive vital Bible teaching about their new life in Christ. This ministry also ensures that new members are made aware of the diverse ministries available to them to participate in, as well as helping them to become familiar with our Pastor, his family and the ministry leaders at BOTR.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry provides classes for scriptural teachings, instructions and Sunday morning Bible Study for various groups serving all ages. An opportunity is given during these teaching sessions for all to ask and receive answers to the questions they have been struggling to find answers to.




Home Bible Study

The Home Bible Study Ministry exists to provide Bible teaching to those groups or individuals who are not yet comfortable with being in a church environment but have the desire to know more about the teachings of Christ. The devoted members of the ministry make themselves available to travel to any residence to win a soul to Christ.

Health Information Group

The members of the Health Information Group are professional medical personnel who seek to educate and promote healthy lifestyles through health fairs, health care screenings, instructional videos, and other educational materials.


The Media Ministry

The Media Ministry are a group of very talented members of BOTR who are responsible for the recording and editing of worship services and special events using state-of-the-art equipment. Recordings of our services are available on audio cassette, CD, video and DVD.

Whatever your age group or interest, we have something that you can participate in and enjoy. I you are interested in participating, please contact us here.